Competitive marketing research for CPG sales and marketing

Shoppers behavioral and demographic insights powered by AI-assisted security cameras analysis.

For CPG manufacturers

Complete Sales Funnel

With Figure It brands find out exactly who is buying and who is not buying an SKU. The user can see a complete sales funnel, including events before checkout in brick & mortar stores.

In-store marketing demographic insights

Figure It is able to identify the best performing demographics of shoppers for the brand.

Measure the Impact of Advertising: Cost of Impression, Cost of Touch

Figure It connects TV viewing and digital ad exposure to in-store behavior.

Competitive Research

With our product, a brand could monitor current trends in a specific product category by tracking new competitors products and product extensions. By analyzing segmented data, a brand could detect opportunities in higher growing segments or segments with higher margins.

A/B tests of promotions

Our product makes A/B testing efficient. In depth results from A/B tests help to cut unnecessary tests, reduce the number of iterations and get to market faster.

For Retailers

Monetization of In-Store Data

Brands want to buy audience data. Retailers want to increase store revenue. Figure It provides new incremental revenue

for multi-brand retail stores, up to 5% of gross sales in a store.

With these insights, brands can evaluate consumer responsiveness to their product in-store. They can also optimize advertising investment (i.e. drive specific demographic groups in a specific zip code to the store)

and assess competitive dynamics with actual shoppers. 

The total economic impact of this information and actions based on this information is up to 30% of the sales

and marketing budgets of brands.

Demographics data overlay on top of store layout

Today, retailers arrange products in a store by product category. Figure It helps to arrange products by probability

to sell to the most converting audience.

Figure It knows places where a specific demographic segment spends its attention and likely buys a product. We provide

an augmented layer of demographic data and conversion rates over a physical retail space.

Decision-making trajectory of shopper's attention

  • Figure It determines the direction of view and the product
  • Effect of kids on decision-making
  • Effect of promotions on decision-making

How it works

We connect to security cameras in a store and build a skeletal model of all the shoppers. We use standard cameras, no specialized hardware required. We are then able to know when a person: stops at the shelf, turns to the product, looks at the product or picks up the product.

We determine the direction of view and the product in their hands. When a person’s face enters the camera, we determine their age, gender, and other demographic data.

Plug & Play

We aggregate & anonymize

We build AI software that sits on top of security cameras to automate analysis. Hence there is no need for new software and hardware.

Your data on-site. All personalized data will stay with the retailer alone. At no point will it be possible to recognize faces and identify a person. We never store any data nor backlink processed data to the original image source. This guarantees full GDPR compliance without having to obtain customer consent.

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